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The presence guardian multiple person kits in an emergency situation could be the difference between life and death. Survival emergency supply kits are essential in keeping you warm, healthy and protected until you get noticed in the event of an emergency. It is for this reason that it is advisable to keep guardian survival emergency kits in your home, your car and when you are going for camping, hiking, swimming or any other event for that matter.

A basic survival emergency supply kit contains:

-Water that can sustain you for a few days
-Dried non-perishable food -A flashlight
-First aid kit with enough medical supplies
-A blanket to keep you warm
-Help contact information

Guardian survival bucket kits can sustain more than one person and may come in handy for a group or a family. The kits address additional needs such as baby supplies, entertainment, communication devices(radio and cellphone) and signal generators(whistle and flares). Guardian survival buckets can be used as a toilet and hence equipped with a toilet seat lid. Miscellaneous devices which can be included in a survival kit include: compass, matches, towels, gloves and scissors among other things that may be needed.

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