1. 107 piece mid size first aid kit
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    107 piece mid size first aid kit

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    A 107 piece mid size first aid kit is an effective emergency kit which assists in providing treatment for injuries that you may encounter on your adventure in the mountains or on hike. It usually contains only the important medical items for aiding cases of emergency injuries. It usually comes in a clear transparent bag which contains all the items that you may need.

    Usually most people are advised to carry the first aid kit during their camping, mountain climbing or at home. This is because it contains all the recommended medical items that can be in a position to assist you to stop bleeding in case you encounter injuries before you get further medication. This bag contains only the most important items such as 35 adhesive bandages, instant cold pack for numbing the injured part, 10 cotton tip applicators, sterilizing materials, tweezers, aspirin tablets, butterfly closures, first aid cream, gloves,fabric bandages, 15 alcohol pads, first aid guide as well as 4 finger splits items. All these items are usually the most important items that are found in the 107 piece mid size first aid kit which is in a transparent casing.

    In conclusion, make sure that you carry with you the 107 piece mid size first aid kit whenever you are traveling or you are going for an adventure. This is because it serves as a source of aid in case you encounter injuries or you are hurt and bleeding. It will help you to stop the bleeding before you call for help. For more details, check on their website.

    Features Include:

    35 - Adhesive Bandage 3" x 3/4"
    30 - Adhesive Bandage 1 3/4" x 3/8"
    1 - Tape Roll
    2 - Gauze Pad 4" x 4"
    2 - Gauze Pad 3" x 3"
    2 - Gauze Pad 2" x 2"
    1 - Gauze Roll 2"
    1 - Instant Cold Pack
    1 - Tweezers
    15 - Alcohol Pads
    1 - Case
    1 - First Aid Guide
    4 - Finger Splints
    10 - Cotton Tip Applicators
    1 - Elastic Bandage 2"

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