1. 5 Person Family Bucket Survival Kit
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    5 Person Family Bucket Survival Kit

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    The 5 person family bucket survival kit is an emergency kit made for emergencies. The 72-hour kit contains all the things one needs to survive in any place.

    This kit is split into various types of things needed for survival that is general supply, hygiene and sanitation and first aid kit. The following are some of the things contained in each:-

    1. General Supplies

    There are many general supplies which are found in this kit. These supplies are used for various things. They include

    · Emergency Candle
    · Matches that are waterproof
    · A Flashlight that is rechargeable
    · Batteries
    · Goggles used for safety

    2. Health Supplies

    These are basic supplies that may seem familiar and are used as personal effects. They include:-

    · Hand lotion
    · Toothpaste and toothbrush
    · Toilet Paper
    · Comb

    3. First Aid Kit

    This is the last and most important kit. First aid kits are used to treat wounds in any case one gets injured. Furthermore, they have asthmatic inhalers in a case of an attack. Each 5 person family bucket survival kit has a guideline on how to use the objects inside.

    Always consider the buying form credible sources to get the whole package delivered to you.

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