1. Guardian 10 Person Survival Kit with Bucket
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    Guardian 10 Person Survival Kit with Bucket

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    If disaster strikes and you and your family have to wait for rescue, experts say it is important to focus first on the survival basics and move on from there. This guardian 10 person survival kit with bucket should be readily accessible in an emergency, and everyone in the household should know where it is. This guardian 10 person survival kit with bucket includes the following:

    -Water: One sealed gallon of clean water per day for each person for at least three days. This will be both for drinking and for sanitation.

    -Food: At least three days worth of ready to eat non-perishable food. Canned food or packaged army surplus ratios work well but be sure your food does not require too much water or heat to prepare.

    -First Aid Kit: With instructions on how to use it in the case of injuries.
    -A flashlight and extra batteries: You and your family may not have any electricity or lights.

    -Personal sanitation: moist towels, hand sanitizer, plastic garbage bags and twist ties. You can store these in a small bucket or trash can which can double as a latrine when lined with the plastic bags.

    -Cooking and feeding supplies: plates, cutlery, cups, etc. as well as anything necessary to prepare the food in your kit

    -A shrill whistle: to signal for help
    -Dust masks: to help filter contaminated air

    -Plastic sheeting, cutting blade, and duct tape and: to cover broken windows and seal out contamination in case of fallout, toxic contamination, or bio-hazards.

    -Tools: a sharp knife, it might be a good idea also to include a crowbar, hammer and nails and bungee cords.

    -Local maps: for planning escape routes in case of evacuation or helping to guide rescue teams in via phone.

    -Special needs items for children (formula, diapers, etc.), for those on prescription medication, pets (food, water), feminine hygiene supplies.

    -Copies of important phone numbers and documents such as insurance contact figures and policies, bank account records, personal identification documents, all in a portable, waterproof container.

    -Fire extinguisher
    -Matches in a waterproof container
    -Cash or traveler's checks

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