1. Guardian 2 Person Bucket Survival Aid Kit
  2. This product was added to our catalog on Friday 24 June, 2016.

    Guardian 2 Person Bucket Survival Aid Kit

    Price:  $107.52

    Guardian Survival Gear has been assisted by emergency experts to create a kit that has an solution for any problems that may be faced in a dangerous situation. The Guardian 2 Person Bucket Survival Aid Kit is an must-have for anyone; from avid hikers and outdoors-men to everyday business-people.

    Anyone could find themselves in an emergency situation and need first aid, tools, food, shelter, light, or hygiene products; the kit provides all of the aforementioned and more. The entire kit is stored in a five gallon bucket with a lid. The kit is ideal for two people for up to 72 hours without any other assistance. Included with the nine piece tool set is a waterproof bag for important storage.

    The 34 piece food set can be used for five years. The entire kit is over 180 pieces and may just save the lives of you or someone you know.

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