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Traditional First Aid kits are equipped to cater for one individual or a few people at most. In the ever changing world where there is risk of injury to several individuals at the same time, there is need for First Aid kits that cater for many people at the same time. The 10 person First Aid emergency kit and the First Aid shelf kits are some of the kits that cater for multiple injury cases in a group. Let us now examine each kit separately beginning with the former;

The 10 person First Aid emergency kit,

This is basically a metal case that contains first aid items for a group of 10 people. The metal case is strong to withstand extreme conditions without damaging the contents held inside. The following are the items found in this first aid kit;

· Antiseptic towels, 1*3 and3*3/4 adhesive bandages, (20 pieces each)

· Cotton tip applicators and Alcohol pads, (10 pieces each)

· Knuckle bandages, Fingertip Bandages, Gauge pads (4*4), Butterfly Closure, and Triangular bandages with safety pins, (2 pieces each)

· Gauze pads (2*2 and 4*4), Examination gloves and Finger splints/ Tongue Depressors. (4 pieces each)

· 1 Tape roll, Tweezers, Lancet, Trauma pad (5*9), Gauze roll (3”), and a First Aid guide.

This is clearly a well equipped kit to cater for emergency medical needs of 10 people. Apart from this, the 10 person first aid emergency kit eradicates the cumbersomeness of having many smaller first aid kits when dealing with a group of people who need essential emergency first aid.

First Aid Shelf Kits,

These are First Aid kits meant to cater for emergency needs of large groups of people. They are mainly used in Industries as well as remote areas that have no real access to emergency medical care. First Aid Shelf Kits contain similar items found in the 10 person First Aid Emergency kits; however, the contents are in a larger quantity to cater for a larger group of people. A good example is the 2 Shelf First Aid kit that contains 100 pieces each of;

- Adhesive Bandage 1" x 3
- Adhesive Bandage 3" x 3/4"
- Cotton Tip Applicators
- Detectable Bandages 1" x 3"

Generally, this is a kit meant to provide emergency medical solutions to groups of people especially when they don’t have a Health facility around to cater for them. It’s also ideal in sports for teams. Mounted first aid cabinets with shelves are great to have at home and around the office.

First Aid is important as it could mean the difference between life and death. When it comes to dealing with a large group of people, it’s important to ensure that everyone is cared for; the best way to do this is to buy first aid emergency preparedness kits, when dealing with a group of 10 people or less. The larger capacity shelf first aid kits also come in handy when dealing with a group of more than 10 people in need of essential first aid. When you buy metal box first aid kits you will have the supplies to help anyone in crisis.

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