1. Elite 2 Person Survival Aid Kit
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    Elite 2 Person Survival Aid Kit

    Price:  $99.68

    Emergencies are inevitable. So, how prepared are you in case one came knocking at your door? Or maybe I should ask, how reliable is your first aid kit in case you had an urgent need for it? Is it well equipped to handle any situation that calls for urgent measures? If your answer is no; how about you try out this new Elite 2 Person Survival Aid Kit? Fully equipped to offer ultimate assistance in case of emergency, it is a first aid kit you can trust for your family. With every item well packaged in a waterproof hiker’s backpack, you can trust it with the safety of every item. What do we have inside this first aid kit?

    It is packed with food and water in case you get into an emergency where you cannot access water or food. All packed to offer enough supply for two people, it is a first aid kit designed to see you through any emergency. It also comes with light and communication in case there is need for communication and you can’t access any form of communication. This is quite reliable in case of car troubles or home power outage.

    What’s more, it comes with enough shelter and material to ensure that you keep warm. This includes hoods, emergency survival sleeping bags, body warmers and tents with ropes. These are quite essential in case of an emergency. It also comes with tools like masks and function knife in case need arises. Dental floss and shave cream are also included in Elite 2 Person Survival Aid Kit.

    Presence of hygiene and sanitation requirements as well as first aid kit items makes it quite reliable. These items assist incase of minor injuries and cuts. You can be sure to get quality for your money.

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