1. Deluxe 2 Person Guardian Survival Pack
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    Deluxe 2 Person Guardian Survival Pack

    Price:  $78.80

    This deluxe 2 person guardian survival pack was designed upon consultations with experts in the emergency preparedness industry. All items are packed well in the Elite Multi-Pocket Hikers Backpack containing extra space for your personal items. The storage bag is resalable and water proof. The supplies provide protection from outside weather forces. They come in handy when faced with a navigation, transport, shelter troubles or shelter problems. It also includes washing supplies to keep you clean while providing protection against infections. The first aid items provided also assist with minor injuries.

    The main contents in the deluxe 2 person guardian survival pack include; food and water. These are meant to provide you with adequate nutrition for 72 hours. The pack includes water pouches, calorie food bars and water and purification tablets. Each tablet is capable of purifying one liter of water. It also includes a flash light which provides you with extra lightning. Batteries are provided along with an AM/FM radio and headphones to keep you informed about the outside word. It features a match box and a survival whistle. There are two survival sleeping bags and two ponchos with hand tools. For hygiene, the kit includes a tooth brush, toothpaste, and wet naps. Others are a shave cream, soap, shampoo, dental floss, body lotion, black comb, deodorant gel and a twin razor blade. The maxi bandages, washcloths, pocket tissue, safety goggles and a sewing kit take care of injuries. The pack also includes a function knife and two respirator dust masks.

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