1. Classroom Lockdown Emergency Aid Kit
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    Classroom Lockdown Emergency Aid Kit

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    School safety is a major issue in all communities. The classroom lockdown emergency aid kit can help in many situations. While dealing with a human-caused attack like terrorist attack may be more unsettling than a natural disaster such as a storm, tornado or an earthquake, it is imperative to be prepared for the worst. In the event of an emergency, your school could be called upon to provide shelter, food, medical attention and guidance to students for extended periods of time beyond typical school hours. While dealing with the unspeakable and unimaginable may be frightening, the question must be asked: Are you prepared for the worst?

    In many school districts it is becoming mandatory to have a classroom lockdown emergency aid kit for each classroom. A Classroom Lockdown Kit is the first step in emergency preparedness for a school. In the unfortunate event of a natural disaster or attack, the Classroom Lockdown Kit provides everything you need should the unthinkable happen. Each fully customizable kit includes food, water, first aid kit, even a toilet to meet your students' sanitary needs.

    There's no telling how long a lockdown will last. Without the proper survival tools your students can suffer further emotional trauma. With the Classroom Lockdown Kit, both you and your students will have peace of mind knowing that you are prepared for any shocking event. Don't get caught off guard!

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